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37. Alfred the Great, Born 849, Died 899. Married Lady Alswithe in 868. Their son

36. Edward the Elder married Egdina. Their son

35. Edmund I married Elgiva. Their son

34. Edgar the Peaceful married Elfrida. Their son

33. Ethelred was born 968 and married Elfled. Their son

32. Edmund Ironside was born 989 married Lady Algitha. Their son

31. Edward the Exile married Agatha. Their daughter

30. Margret married Malcom III (King of Scotland). Their daughter

29. Matilda of Scotland married Henry I, son of William the Conquerer. Their daughter

28. Matilda of England married Geoffrey Plantagement. Their son

27. Henry II married Eleanor of Aquitaine. Their son

26. King John married Isabelle de Taillefer. It was this King John that was forced to sign the Magna Carta. Their son

25. Henry III married Eleanor of Province. Their son

24. Edward I married Eleanor of Castile. Their son

23. Edward II marries Isabella, daughter of King Phillip IV, King of France. Their son

22. Edward III, born November 13, 1312, died June 21, 1377, married Phillippa, daughter of William, Count of Holland and Hainault January 24, 1329

21. John the Gaunt, born June 24, 1340, died February 3, 1398, married Katherine Roet Swynford. Their daughter

20. Joan Beaufort married Richard de Nevill. Their son

19. Richard de Nevill married Alice Montacute. Their daughter

18. Eleanor de Nevill married Thomas Stanley. Their son

17. George Stanley, Lord Strange, died December 4, 1497, married Joan Baroness Strange of Knockyn in 1482. Their daughter

16. Mary Stanley, Married Sir Jon de Hardy, Lord Mayor of London. Their son

15. Sir Michael de Hardy of Wetwang, born 1530, died 1595, married Lady Alice, daughter of Sir Matthew de Shelton. Their son

14. Richard Hardy, Esq. of Yorkshire, born 1567, died 1645, married Alice daughter of Robert Wilson. Theirson

13. John Hardy of Bedfordshire, England, born 1613, died 1670, emmigrated to the Isle of Wright County, Virginia about 1666. He married Olive Council in 1632. Their son

12. Captain John Hardy, born 1637, died 1677, married Alice Bennett Johnson. Their daughter

11. Lucy Hardy married Hodges Council. Their daughter

10. Christian Council married Edward Bryan in 1699. Their son

9. Edward Bryan born in North Carolina 1710/14, died May 1746, married Ann Hand in 1732. Their son

8. John Bryan, born 1734, died May 25, 1801, married Rebecca Martin in 1758. Their son

7. John Hill Bryan, born 1761, died 1826, married Elizabeth Simmons Harrison November 27, 1782. Their daughter

6. Ann Penelope Bryan, born September 23, 1784, died 1865, married John Coffee in 1809. Their son

5. Christopher Columbus Coffee, born May 9, 1818, died Novemebr 20, 1882, married Mary Kazaih Rogers September 23, 1855. Their son

4. John Coffee, born June 29, 1856, died June 3, 1923, married Mary Imogene Stephens December 19, 1877. Their daughter

3. Pauline Walner Coffee, born September 21, 1878, died June 20, 1971, married Americus Tappin Mann November 18, 1901. Their son

2. George Watters Mann, born September 8, 1906, died January 19, 1974, married Emily Nancy Linch January 4, 1936. Their son

1. Joel Garrard Mann, born August 14, 1949, married Virginia Ruby Bixler December 10, 1971. We have five children and twelve grandchildren:

-1. Our Children: Joel Garrard Mann Jr., Jennifer Gayle Mann, James Gregory Mann, Rebecca Lynn Mann, Rachel Michelle Mann.

-2. Our fourteen grandchildren: Abigail Jeanine Mann, James Hudson Mann, Grant Thomas Mann, Jane Ellen Mann, Joeli Rebecca Holbrook, Chloe Elizabeth Elliff, Brendan Elijah Holbrook, Adeline Rebecca Elliff, Kate Elizabeth Mann, Mabry Lynn Elliff, Olivia Grace Elliff, Jentry Tate Holbrook, Evie Grace Mann, and Molly Bishop Elliff.

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